Sampling System

Sampling system, also known as sampler, is a equipment used for representative sample collection of liquid or gas from industrial processes with the intent of transporting the sample to a laboratory for analysis so to check the process conditions, end products meet quality specifications.

Due to the growing complexity of the industrial processes, the requirements for product analysis increase continuously, and the safety for sampling process is given more and more consideration. The simple and primitive sampling system has evolved into a safe and reliable closed-loop sampling system.

External factors can have an impact on the sample and misrepresent quality or true process condition and can cost money if the sample is of poor quality. Your system design should ensure your samples are

1. Timely – It is important to minimize the time it takes your sample to travel from the process line to the sample container, helping to reduce the opportunity for external factors to interfere with the sample

2. Representative – The sample should be representative of the process fluid to provide useful analysis

3. Compatible – The system materials of construction need to be compatible with the sample to minimize maintenance and repairs over the life of the system

 FITOK offers two kinds of sampling systems, namely bottle configuration sampling systems and cylinder configuration sampling systems according to the difference of container. For bottle configuration sampling systems, the sample is drawn into the sample bottle at atmospheric pressure. For cylinder configuration sampling systems, however, the sample is drawn into the sample cylinder at process pressure.

 FITOK offers a wide range of configuration as 2 Types, 8 Series, and 41 Different Designs Sampling systems for liquids, liquefied gases and gases.

Bottle Configuration Sampling Systems

Configuration: The container consists of bottle, septum and cap. The sampler consists of tubing, valves and fittings.

Operating principle: During sampling, the sample can flow into the sample bottle through the process needle, while

Air and vapor in the bottle are vented through the vent needle. When the required amount has been taken, close the

Sampling system and take out the sample bottle from the sleeve to complete the sampling process.

Applicable process conditions: High-temperature, high-pressure, high-viscosity, corrosive, high-toxicity or environmentally hazardous liquids.

Mounting types: In-line mounted, wall-mounted and bracket-mounted.

Cylinder Configuration Sampling Systems

Configuration: The container consists of a cylinder at both ends equipped with a needle valve and a quick-connect. The sampler consists of tubing, valves and fittings.

Operating principle: During sampling, the sample can flow into the sample cylinder via the sampling loop. When

Sampling liquefied gases, a fixed amount of sample is transferred to the expansion chamber to make sure that the

Cylinder is not fully filled. Close the needle valves at both ends of the cylinder to depressurize the quick-connect

Through the vent. Remove the cylinder from the sampling system to complete the sampling process.

Applicable process conditions: High-temperature, high-pressure, corrosive, high-toxicity, high-volatility or environmentally hazardous liquefied gases, liquids and gases.

Mounting types: Wall-mounted and bracket-mounted.


  • Panel
  • Enclosure
  • Pipe stand
  • Carbon canister
  • Spring return handle
  • Lockable handle
  • Connection type
  • Size and material


  • Sample Cylinder & Cylinder assemblies
  • Sample Bottle
  • Sleeves
  • Caps
  • Septa
  • Needle assemblies
  • Valves
  • End caps
  • Sample cylinder handle
  • Spring Relief devices
  • Rupture disc  kits & tees

Why ABPT FITOK make Sampling Systems?

  • Safer for the operator
  • Safer for the sample
  • Safer for the environment
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Economical
  • Customization

With 20 plus years’ experience in designing, producing and manufacturing Instrumentation Valves and Fittings, our engineers have complete knowledge of the material compatibility, thermodynamics, welding practices and mechanical structure design. In addition, the same high quality products that FITOK has been producing over the last 20 years are used to build each FITOK Sampling System.

With A B Process Technologies  technical experts in India our local teams are able to work closely with the clients, to better understand client’s requirements and process. Whether you have an existing design specification or you need one to be developed, our team can and will deliver. Below are the resources and support from FITOK which will help to create your own sampling system.

Sampling System Software

Streamlined, Application Questionnaire for selecting the correct FITOK Sampling System for each application


CAD drawings (2D & 3D)

Component and material selection (including sourcing the best parts from our supply chain, as needed)

Full customizable capabilities on any system requirements

Quick delivery and personal service

Sampling System Software  

This software is designed to aid in your understanding of FITOK Sampling Systems and how to easily select a system for your specifications. It is programmed to operate on Microsoft Windows OS. Also check the video of sampling system software instructions


Run the software without installing the program to your device

Content is available for offline viewing

User-friendly interface and easy operation

P&ID drawing and PDF format catalog available operation

Video to show sampling process

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