Benefits of Stainless Steel Valves

In industrial environment, valves are widely used for a number of applications. They are available in different types of materials, but valves manufactured from stainless steel metal have become preferred type for industrial applications. Let us discuss the advantages of stainless steel valves


One of the main advantages of stainless steel valves over valves manufactured from other type of material is they are extremely reliable and robust. Stainless steel SS 316/SS316 L valves can be used at any temperature, do not have any issues when operating in very hot or exceptionally cold conditions. If a company wants to purchase high-quality valves, they can rely on stainless steel valves to operate & remain in good condition for a long time. Considering how long-lasting & reliable they are, it is a really good investment that is sustainable in the long run.

High-Pressure Resistance

When you need valves that operate under high strain, stainless steel is the best way to go. Since SS is an extremely strong and durable metal, the valves made of this material will withstand the pressure & will not break or crack like the valve made of plastic / PVC, brass or bronze. Always make sure that you know how much psi of pressure the valve will be under. For very high rates of pressure, stainless steel valves may be the only ones that are designed to be able to sustain pressure without damage.

Free From Corrosion

The alloying elements of stainless steel like nickel, molybdenum & chromium reacts with oxygen in air to form a protective thin film of oxide layer on the metal surface which acts as corrosion resistant. This makes the use of stainless steel valves the better option for industrial applications where the conditions may cause the metal to rust or corrode quickly. Also additional versions of stainless steel are available like Enhanced stainless steel, duplex steel, exotic steel further improving the strength, durability & corrosion resistant properties.

Wide Range of Applications

Due to characteristics as discussed above like durability, withstanding wide range of temperature & pressure, excellent corrosion resistant  the stainless steel valves can be used in majority of the application. These valves can be used in any process that involves the transfer of a corrosive, high temperature, or high-pressure substance such as gas or liquid. Applications like – Seawater environment, petroleum refining, chemical & industrial.

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  1. I loved that you said that stainless steel valves are extremely durable, and they can operate even in exceptionally cold and hot temperatures. This reminds me of industries that offer petroleum refining services since they will surely need valves for their operations. I could imagine how this type of valve material could allow different industries to save money on replacements while ensuring that they won’t have issues with corrosion problems.

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