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Gas Distribution System

Gas & Utility Distribution System

A B Process Technologies has vast experience in delivering turnkey fluid system solutions. We have experience of over 30+ Lab Setups as Complete Consultancy to Commissioning with Value Added Services. Our Project division is a market leader, and sets the highest standards. With more than 60 years of experience, A B Process Technologies has carried out a wide range of electro-mechanical contracting projects in different process industries and has accumulated knowledge which has proven valuable in contributing to the success of the each project.

We understand Key Requirements (URS) of different type of R&D Laboratory activities viz. Chemical, Analytical, Pharma, Bio Pharma, Govt. Defense etc. Our expertise supports in providing a perfect blend of engineering & Art. We also provide solution from selection, Supply & commissioning of utility equipments. Be it Gas, liquid or steam, our turnkey solution offerings will make customer delight with uninterrupted and clean fluid supplies.

With an unsurpassed record for adherence to safety and quality, we believes in the safety of our workers as a first priority and hence does not compromise on accident and injury prevention, or environmental protection compliance for profit or production. Quality is ensured through well-defined, stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs). The major portions of the project are installed by our own experts.

We offer unique Orbital welding for high purity gas installation support.

  • Gas Distribution System Gas Leak Detection System
  • Low Pressure Gas Alarm System Gas Management System
  • Gas Bank Solution - Manifolds I Changeover
  • Gas Control System
  • Gas Purification System
  • Compressed Air Vacuum
  • Hot Water
  • Chemical Drain System
  • Clean Room Solutions

Ultra High Purity & Calibration Gas Management

Specialized in Ultra High Purity gas application for need of Pharma, BioPharma, CVD, Auto industry thru stringent norms for process cleanliness. Knowhow of Gas behavior to support entire clean setup, we cater from Basic level to Fully Automatic Gas Management system with variety of options keeping safety features uncompromised. Validating System thru stringent testing like Helium Leak Test demonstrates level of project solution capabilities & unmatched quality standards.

Our team and engineering experience in this feild beefits customer for selecting and safe installation support such as selecting Electropolished 6.0 Grade components like fittings, coaxial tube & valves, Pressure regulators and gas delivery manifold, distribution valve manifold box etc.

We offer unique Orbital welding foe high purity gas installation support.

CNG / BIOCNG / H2 Gas high pressure Systems

We also cater to Fuel Lines requirement like CNG / BIOCNG / H2 high pressure systems from cascades to Engine test Cells with customization as per your needs & requirements.

We truly understand intricacies involved in delivering fluid system from analytical instrumentation standpoint expands our deliverables for Pressure/Flow/Temperature measurement setups required in Auto / Manufacturing Plant.

LNG / CNG / Hydrogen such as fuel gases needs expertise to design and install system. High Pressure with flameable gas combination becomes vital from Safety standpoint. For such systems A B Process Technologies have delivered sucessfully running systems with single point responsibilty. We also offer PESO approval if applicable to these systems.

Our unique high flow high pressure fully automatic auto changeover system offers seamless CNG fuel gas to equipments enabling high productivity yeild for plants.

Automation Solutions

Automation offers solution like fully autochangeover systems, Low Pressure Gas Alarm System, Gas Leak Detection System, Auto Shutoff System in case of emergency etc.

Toxic and Flammable Gas Management Solutions

We offer complete single point responsibility to design and execute project for handling toxic and flamable gases.

A B Process Technologies have set benchmark by delivering uniquely designed safest systems. Concept to commissioning thru thorough study like Hazop, LOTO systems are effectively implemented to avoid nasty events by any means. Gas leak detection system through proper sensing layout are defined and put in engagement with auxillary flash sensors integrating in Artificially Intelligent system (AI) for its course of action.

Mechanical Piping

Wherever there is a process, we can provide a complete solution for piping, equipment installation and prefabrication. Our clients benefit from our understanding of their processes, leading to a reduction of construction schedules and costs from the planning stage through to start-up and commissioning.

  • Biotechnology & pharmaceutical - orbital welding, with full documentation tracking the construction process and materials, in accordance with FDA, EMA & cGMP standards.
  • Food & beverage - installation of piping and special equipment which meet industry standards.
  • Manufacturing plants, Railway shades - Utilities like Compressed Air, Water, Vacuum systems are fabricated in piping of material SS304 / SS316 / GI / MS.

Orbital Welding Solution

A B Process Technologies has implemented and applied proven orbital welding and fabrication techniques tailored to the ever increasing demands of the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Medical, Aerospace, Vacuum and Instrumentation Industries.

Understanding the basic principles behind orbital tube welding may help you arrive more rapidly at the optimum weld procedure for your specific application.Orbital welding is Automatic Tungsten inert gas welding. It eliminates chances of manual errors in welding. It produces identical welds for hundreds of times hence accuracy in welding.

The GTAW Process

The orbital welding process uses the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process (GTAW) as the source of the electric arc that melts the base material and forms the fusion weld. The metal to be welded is melted by the intense heat of the arc and fuses together. We undertake turnkey orbital welding jobs with supply of world class fittings and tubing / piping. We also undertake subcontracting jobs for orbital welding.

  • Industries and Applications for Orbital Welding
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food, Dairy and Beverage Industries
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Nuclear Piping
  • Aerospace
  • Offshore Applications