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Critical Process Engineering

Critical Process Engineering

A B Process Technologies engineering division is well known for its ability to design complete process systems, all the while paying attention to the smallest details.

We commence the process by carefully studying the client's requirements, expectations, limitations, problems and challenges. After our engineers collect all the relevant technical and operational information such as plant description, required production capacity, safety and environmental emissions, we are ready to start with the design. Our team consists of mechanical, chemical, electrical and process engineers together with CAD, SCADA, security, equipment, piping and field engineers. Our designers take advantage of being a Design & Build company to consult with the installation managers and execution team leaders in order to improve the design, not only from the process point of view, but also from the perspective of ease of installation and maintenance.

Process Engineering

Feasibility Phase :
  • PFD: Process Flow Diagrams to indicate the general flow and main components of the plant.
  • Heat & Mass balances: To estimates energy and conversion costs, representing each process stream (stream table) on the corresponding PFD.
Design Phase :
  • P&ID: Piping & Instrumentation Diagram shows the piping of the process flow together with the installed equipment and instrumentation, indicating information such as diameter of piping, material of construction, insulation and type of valves and instruments.
  • Data sheets: Tables summarizing the technical characteristics of each piece of equipment including valves, pumps, motors and instruments, as shown on the P&ID.
  • SOO: Sequence Of Operation: Sometimes called SOD (System Operation Description). The SOO describes in great detail how the system should work, step by step, in each mode of operation during start-up, production and shut down. The SOO determine set points, ranges and alarms lists.
  • I/O List: Containing table of all actuated valves, sensor transmitters, engines, pumps, blowers and dumpers which serve as an input or output of the control system. The SOO together with the I/O list serve the control and programming department, which is part of our engineering division.
Detail Engineering :
  • BIM - Building Information Modeling: Using the Intergraph CAD Works software we build a very detailed 3D model which gives a plant overview.
  • Equipment Lay out: shows the overall footprint of plant, describes the precise location of equipment such as tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, boilers, distillation columns, etc.
  • Piping Lay Out: Shows the top view of piping routes and cross sections, as well as equipment and piping levels and views.
  • 3D model: shows a 3 dimensional overview of the plant.
  • Isometric drawings: Each pipe section gets a single detailed drawing ready for fabrication.
  • BOQ: Bill Of Quantities for equipment, piping, valves and instruments.

Skid Engineering & Process Solution

A modular process skid is a system within a frame that allows easy transportation. Individual skids can contain complete process systems or multiple skids can be combined to create a larger process system or an entire portable plant.

Process skids are an alternative to traditional stick-built construction where system parts are shipped individually and installed incrementally at the manufacturing site.

This execution philosophy has several advantages over the conventional methods as it organizes a manufacturing process into logical units to minimize risk, saves cost and time and is useful in case of process operations in difficult geographical terrains.

Leveraging its expertise across multiple engineering disciplines and manufacturing capabilities, A B Process provides modular process skids and packages. We have developed and fine-tuned in-house capability of designing skids using 3D design softwares like Plant 4D and PDMS. We specialize in -

  • Overall plant layout to minimize site erection time and cost
  • Layout optimization for proper access and operation with equipment engineering to suit skid mounting and operation
  • Utmost importance to health, safety and environment
  • Integration of pipe routing with attached equipment
  • Instrumentation assembly and cabling with cable trays
  • Insulation and cladding of equipment and piping
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Supporting and lashing of equipment with suitable lifting provisions for handling and shipment

Speciality & Critical Gas Management System

We offer Fluid system design and built for high pressure, high flow, hige temperature covering all aspects of functunality and safety. Our engineering offers flexible and customized solutions for critical and specialized fluid to handle toxic, flameable, pyrophoric natute gases or chemicals. some of products like gas delivery systems, distributing manifolds, Gas boosters and regulating module, Gas Mixer along with advance technology automation makes it easy and intelligently safe for use.